Goat Island

Let’s Get Away from Everyday Life for a While

Goat Island is located on the Intracoastal Waterway between the Isle of Palms and Mount Pleasant. No bridges connect the island, and the Isle of Palms Marina is the closest marina, only a one-minute boat trip away.


Goat Island was named after the earliest recorded residents, a herd of goats. Except for the goats, no one lived on the island until the Holloway family came there in the 1930s to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Blanche and Henry Holloway maintained a goat herd while living in self-imposed exile without running water or electricity.

They survived there for many years without shelter, subsisting solely on the island and handouts from passersby. By 1963, Henry and Blanche had both passed away. Eventually, mainlanders moved there and constructed homes because they wanted a more tranquil lifestyle.

Goat Island

Present Circumstances

More than 80 years later, the small stretch of land between Mount Pleasant and the Isle of Palms is still referred to as Goat Island. Even though there aren't many people living on the island, the houses that grace this pristine haven are equipped with all the modern conveniences.

Goat Island

A Special Treat

Goat Island offers a special treat for those who love fishing and boating. If you desire a glimpse of the real world, wild dunes, shopping, and restaurants on Isle of Palms are just a boat ride away. We work together and support each other as a community. Please reach out to our team for more details.